Already during the first trip it was clear that there was going to be a web site full of fotos and text about our tour...
Since we were sure that this wasn't going to be our last trip to Scotland, we decided to do another one, a trip around Scotland, in the autumn of 2004.
We hope we can offer something to anyone interested in Scotland and maybe even to those who weren't that interested up to now.
Entries in our guest book always welcome, we are happy about any possibility to exchange experiences.

Feedback of any kind is alway welcome.

Olli and Hermann

I'm not sure when Scotland first settled in my mind, but among others the Highlander TV show took part in that process...especially the episodes including some Scottish history.
Then, of of course, there's the terrific landscapes...
Sooner or later I began to be interested in Scottish history and ways of movies like Braveheart and Rob Roy kicked in.
Some time later I found the books by Julianne Lee and Diana Gabaldon, some more or less historic novels and stories about Scotland between the 13th and 17th century, from the independence wars under William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to the Jacobite Risings with men like Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Earl of Mar and Robert Roy MacGregor.
Furthermore I've always liked Scottish and Irish folk music.
More and more the dream of visiting Scotland and Ireland settled in my mind.
And just one day after my aunt told me of her one-day-trip to Edinburgh, at school a teacher told us that there was going to be a trip of a week to Edinburgh in the autumn of 2003...